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Jose Nicolas photo exhibition at the Domaine de la Bégude this summer

From july 7th to 31st of august

We are very honored to welcome the photos of José Nicolas at the Domaine this summer. 
"Born from a military father who travels around Africa and a mother of Lebanese-Moroccan origin, José arrives in France at the age of ten.The look focused on the mixed couple formed by his parents, the uprooting from his mother open the eyes and the heart of the young boy: his particular sensitivity to destinies abused by  History stem from this first experience.
His path seems to be drawn in advance: he joined the military school of La Flèche and the Parachute Units. In 1978, at just 22 years old, he worked with elite units in South Lebanon; in 79, he he intervenes in Central African Republic, following the eviction of Bokassa. Yet, very quickly, in the field, José extends the duty to serve his country with his eyewitness testimony and "arms himself" with a small camera. This first personal glimpse of people trapped in conflict zones will find an echo in Beirut, in an improvised hospital. José makes a decisive human encounter: that of Bernard Kouchner, a young "french doctor" at the bedside of the civilian victims of the war. The time of a permission, the parachutist offers his services to the medical team, becomes a driver and logistician in the city in flames; and in the same movement, the amateur photographer prints, on his film, the suffering of the wounded in the improvised operating theaters, the eyes haunted by the fear of dying. An image reporter wakes up.
 In 1983, while patrolling the streets of Beirut, the bullet of a sniper perched on a roof crosses his body. He is reformed at 29 years old. The good age to become oneself and to devote oneself to one's true passion: reporting on war zones. He is free now, free to accompany Bernard Kouchner and Doctors of the World on all fronts, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, the China Sea ... The humanitarian allows him to walk on both feet. One step to confront the danger, another to testify. He joins the Sipa agency and refines his look.
The knowledge of the terrain is a major asset for the reporter who instinctively feels the risks and can identify, at the hiss of the shell, the position of the rocket launcher.The values ​​acquired in the army also: "Solidarity and loyalty in the trial, I learned, under the uniform, not to be content to spell the letters".
A few words on the exhibition:
Sagneurs is a very old profession in a disputed environment. This subject tells the life they lead in the Camargue, on the side of Gallician, their capital. It also makes us go through a territory where we do not live as elsewhere, water being both a threat and a treasure
There will also be beautiful photos of the humanitarian journeys to which José Nicolas participated with Bernard Kouchner for Medecins du Monde, to be found on their book "French doctors".